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August 01, 2008


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Thanks I totaly agree with you. They just need to be honest and forward instead of giving us the run around and killing us with all the stupid fees.


The main problem with the airlines is that they think short term to make quarterly earnings. Typically this means cost cutting and adventurous schemes to charge customers. They fail to do two things. 1) think long term in their strategy, 2) differentiat the product/service they have to offer. You would think with all the brains behind these business, someone would apply an investment in the customer strategy. Nope, they are just going to nickle and dime each other out of existence.

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They have to first show an honest and worth it service before they make the price higher. It will be okay if they add the price of the ticket as long as the customers could feel that their money is worth it.

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aren't those prices that you are suggesting really high? Imagine 50$ for your tray? 100$ for the ticket agent? 200$for your luggage? That's ridiculous.

I Need Money Desperately

This suggestion is way too far. The one who make an airline alive is it's consumers. If you blow up all these prices, no one will go to you, and if no one will go to you, your business will die.

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One thing I dislike are people who try to bring their entire house onto the plane.

Debt Cancellation Taxes

Nice post...not sure if I had considered this previously.

Offer and Compromise

Great to see someone love what they do!

IRS Tax Penalty

I could not agree more. Great post!!

Debt Forgiveness Act

Good point. Glad to see that someone understands the issue.

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Not sure everyone agrees on this, but it is nice to get the info.

Outsourced tax

Great job...couldn't say it better myself.

Katy Texas CPA

It may be too late to save them...

Dallas TX CPA

It's never too late!

Canadian US Real EstateTax

Post makes sense to me...it is difficult for many people to get their hands around the issue.

I Owe the IRS

Never look at it like this before? Guess it makes sense.

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